Just Mercy-On Justice and Redemtion

I just published the first episode of my new podcast! Listen to Just Mercy on Anchor https://anchor.fm/dara-cathleen/episodes/Just-Mercy-Podcast-eb162l

For a marketing class at the U of M I had to choose a non-fiction book to read and then create a podcast about it. By chance, I chose “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson out of the limited books for sale in our local, rural store because I felt like it had the most compelling introduction out of the books offered. When I started reading the book, I decided to interview Tommy in the podcast because he has experience being featured in the media as well as time imprisoned. This podcast includes an overview of the book, a summary of the main case featured in the book (the story of Walter McMillian who was innocent but sat on death row for six years), how the media affected Walter’s case, and a short interview of Tommy’s perspective of the role media plays and his views on his time imprisoned.

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